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Active and inspiring coaching journey in NEPAL

Discover your natural Leadership on the top of the world

Do you want to be the leader of your own life? A person who uses the power of his talents and knows what (s)he stands for? Who always keeps his/her mission and values in mind and thus achieves his/her goals? Do you want to lead your team members or employees in a way that suits you and inspires them?
Well, maybe you still lack the insight, the knowledge or the courage to go for it at this moment. In other words, you still want to discover your natural leadership or you want to learn how to embrace it even more.
Give yourself a wonderful present: the active and inspiring coaching journey to Nepal, organized by Kon-Kiki

What’s in (it for) you?
• You start the journey with a concrete leadership goal
• You discover your natural leadership style.
• You explore your personal and professional strengths, talents, core qualities and passions.
• You focus on the objectives that really suit you.
• You defy your personal and professional stumbling blocks, fears and obstacles.
• You discover your growth potential and define a strong action plan to reach your potential

Discover and reinforce your place in a team and become stronger in the group dynamics

As a leader or manager you are never alone. You work with a team or function in a group. That's why Kon-Kiki chooses a trip with a small group: during the coaching trip you are in the company of five travel companions.

In this way you not only get the necessary individual attention, but you also discover the roles and patterns that are present in a team and the place you naturally occupy. Thanks to joint reflection moments, group dynamics no longer have any secrets for you. You can use that valuable knowledge in your professional environment.

Nepal: pure inspiration!

Kon-Kiki organizes this coaching trajectory in a special setting. Nepal is one of the most beautiful places on earth. With breathtaking views, surprising landscapes and a unique culture, this country symbolizes pure inspiration.
Inspiration, but also perspiration ... because how can you better discover the Nepalese nature than on foot? We explore the mountains during intensive hikes (from 4 to 6 hours), the experiences during these walks are the perfect metaphor for your own leadership.
For example, how you deal with overcoming 1000 altimeters, tells a lot about how you handle obstacles and challenges on your path.

Discover the fascinating culture

Of course there is also room for a portion of culture during our trip: from a visit to the monkey temple (Swayambhunath), the Tibetan stupa Boudhanath, the ancient city of Bhaktapur, the Namo Buddha monastery ... to an exploration of the local cuisine. You immerse yourself in the Nepalese way of life.

Invest in your natural leadership

Do you dare to invest in your natural leadership? Are you open to an intensive coaching trip in Nepal in the company of five like-minded people? Do you want to know more practical details about this trip?


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The coaching trip from Kon-Kiki to Nepal is all about action, inspiration and development. Discover the full program:

A month before departure

During an evening information session you will meet your traveling companions and we will discuss all practical issues and questions.

Day 1

We meet in the airport of Zaventem and take the plane to Kathmandu.

Day 2: Kathmandu

After arrival at Kathmandu airport, we move into a hotel with a typical Nepali character. We stay in a quiet neighborhood within walking distance of the touristic center. From here you can explore the bustle of the colorful shopping streets in the free afternoon and enjoy the international culinary offer.

Day 3: Kathmandu

High time to discover the Nepalese culture. Kathmandu is the perfect city for that. We visit Patan Durbar Square, known for its ancient palaces and temples and the inspiring city museum with unique historical statues. The spectacular view from the Swayambhunath (the monkey temple) should not be missed.
In the evening we search for the Boudhanath (Tibetan stupa). Here you can enjoy cozy terraces and observe the activity around the beautifully lit temple.

Day 4: Kathmandu - Pokhara

We fly to Pokhara, the starting point for our leadership trajectory. After a quiet morning we take the boat around noon and we cross the Fewa lake. From here we start with our first warm-up walk. On the way, you will become more profoundly acquainted with your travel companions, based on an introductory and value game. Our destination is the peace temple at the top of the mountain. Here you have a beautiful view of the Annapurna mountain range. There is no better place to explore the different elements of leadership.
• Share personal stories about leadership
• Explore values and roles in the field of leadership

Day 5: Nayapul (1070 m) - Ulleri (1960 m)

With a minibus we drive to the starting point for our seven-day mountain tour. You determine SMART leadership goals, you want to focus on in this voyage of discovery, and share your goals with your travel companions.
In the afternoon it's time for the heavy work! During this trajectory of the trip, we overcome no less than 1000 altimeters. Immediately a beautiful mirror for how you incorporate your leadership in a natural way when you start a project and encounter the first obstacles.

• Formulate your SMART objectives for the trip
• Share your goals with the team
• Discovering how you think and how you feel about your starting fear

Day 6: Ulleri (1960 m) - Ghorepani (2850 m)

We continue our journey and overcome our last altimeters. Now it is pure enjoyment! You can’t imagine how beautiful is the changing landscape during this walk. And how indescribable is the view of the peaks of the Anapurna at sunset.
On our way up, we explore our talents, strengths, experiences and our current situation, achievements and passions, but also our way of overcoming obstacles. We map each of these topics and see how they have led to the natural leadership we already have today.
• Exploring your personal strengths, your current situation, your achievements and passions ... with nature as a source of inspiration

Day 7: Ghorepani (2850 m) - Poon Hill (3210 m) - Deurali pass (3090 m) - Tadapani (2630 m)

We leave before dawn and defy the cold for the spectacular highlight of our trip: the sunrise on Poon Hill. There we enjoy the mountain peaks that can be fully seen in the early morning sun, before the clouds cover them.
After breakfast we continue our journey to the next mountain top. On the way we use the inspiring environment to explore our emotional intelligence. Because leadership is not just a rational matter. Guaranteed a fascinating and at the same time confrontational moment ...
• Exploring your emotional intelligence on the basis of the cyclical events in nature

Day 8: Tadapani (2630 m) - Jinhu (1780 m)

After three days we have earned a rest. After a solid descent, we examine how our objectives are in line with our life mission.
To really go full-energy for your goal, it is not only important to formulate your goals sharply and SMART. They must also fully fit every aspect of your being. Only in this way do they lead to physical, emotional, relational, ecological and even spiritual well-being.
The hot water baths of Jinhu are the ideal place to discover how much virtue you have and how fulfilling it is to reach your goals.
• Meditate on your life mission
• See how your goals are really leading to overall well-being 

Day 9: Jinhu (1780 m) - Landruk (1565 m)

We undertake a quiet and romantic journey in which we explore what stops us from achieving the goals that really suit us.
During this part of our trajectory we look at these obstacles as a mirror for our personal growth potential. In other words, we are going to work with our inhibitions. By looking your demons straight in the eye and addressing your core qualities, you will emerge stronger as a leader in this process.
• Discover the obstacles in your path that keep you away from your goals
• Gain insight into your core qualities
• Reintegrate your powers to become a stronger leader

Day 10: Landruk (1565 m) - Dhampus (1650 m)

After a brisk morning climb we start a last big descent. We dive into a new valley where the Holy Fishtail welcomes us.
This part of our trip is dedicated to translating our objectives and insights into a concrete action plan. In doing so, we learn which resources and mentors we can address.
• Draw up an action plan
• Discover resources and mentors

Day 11: Pokhara

We enjoy a well deserved rest on the shores of Lake Fewa. Our stiff limbs get a wonderful massage. We are looking for a nice souvenir in one of the many shops. After our trip we are now immersing ourselves in the luxury of the inhabited world.
Anyone looking for an extra kick can admire the world from the air from a parapente. The slogan 'Feel the fear and do it anyway' is completely true here.

Day 12: Kathmandu - Bhaktapur

We take the morning flight to Bhaktapur. There we visit the old city with a city guide, a beautiful cultural moment. Romantic squares, beautiful palaces, temples, narrow streets, ... You enjoy a wonderful nostalgic atmosphere.

Day 13: Bhaktapur - Namo Buddha

We drive with a minibus to the famous Namo Buddha monastery. There we visit the wonderful temple and we admire the fine Buddhist painting. Among the thousands of colorful Tibetan prayer flags we walk down and enjoy the changing landscape. We explore the green nature of the Kathmandu valley and end up in the agricultural village of Balthali, where time has stopped. There is a van waiting for us to take us to the hotel in Kathmandu. We round off the day with a nice dinner.

Day 14: Kathmandu - return flight to Belgium

We say goodbye to Kathmandu and fly back to Belgium.

Two months after your coaching trip

Your leadership trajectory does not stop with this trip to Nepal. Your master coach will invite you to a personal coaching session of two hours after two months. During this conversation you will receive all the support to achieve your leadership goals.

Do you dare to invest in your natural leadership? Are you open to an intensive coaching trip in Nepal in the company of five like-minded people?
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This coaching journey is specifically intended for leaders, managers and business managers who want to grow in their natural leadership. In short: people who want to invest in themselves in order to fulfill their life mission considering their talents and values.

Yes, one month before departure we meet during an information evening. You will meet your traveling companions, ask all your practical questions. We’ll advise on what to take with you on this trip.

We walk four to six hours every day. To undertake this journey, you do not have to be a mountaineer or top athlete. A good health and a basic condition are sufficient.

We stay in both local luxury hotels and basic teahouses. The latter are simple and clean.

You have a choice of Western and Eastern cuisine everywhere.

Kon-Kiki thinks your safety is very important. That is why we appeal to a local certified guide. You also get a personal carrier who takes care of your luggage.

The highest point of our trip is 3210 meters. Usually altitude sickness only occurs above 3500 meters.

The highseason for trekking is october - november when it is very busy. Also spring with the blossoming of the rodondendron is a very populair season. So, I prefer to travel end november - begin december when temperatures are still pleasant and tourists are rather few

The temperatures are still pleasant in December:
• Daytime temperatures: up to 25 ° C
• Night temperatures in the mountains: - 5 ° C

End november - begin december is the so called shoulder season. And that is a conscious choice. Exploring Nepal is so much more fun when you go outside the high season. You do not experience the big crowds and the temperatures are pleasant as it is still late summer. The visibility in the mountains is also excellent during this period.

We will gladly advise you on where to book your tickets at the most advantageous prices.

Of course you can participate as a couple in this coaching trip.


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For this active and inspiring coaching trip in Nepal you pay 4200 euro excluding VAT

This price includes:
• the complete training program by Kon-Kiki
• 2 hours of personal training by the master coach, 2 months after the leadership trajectory
• hotel with room and breakfast in the cities
• full board during the trekking in the Himalayas
• domestic flights
• guidance by professional guides and carriers, and permits for the trekking

This price does not include:
• flight to Nepal
• travel and cancellation insurance
• booking costs
• drinks and personal expenses
• parapente (optional)
• single room allowance: 300 €

About Kon-Kiki

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Who am I?

I am Kris Vanhoof, the coach and inspirer behind Kon-Kiki. As a professional master coach I get the best out of the people I work with. My focus is mainly on:
* leadership development
* team coaching
* executive coaching
* active and inspiring leadership trajectories (such as a coaching trip to Nepal)

Knowledge and experience

As a coach I want to offer you the best guidance. And for that the right knowledge and experience is an absolute must. You can count on:
• 20 years of international management experience (as Maintenance Engineer, Quality Manager, Project Manager, Operational Manager, Change Manager, Training Manager and Organizational Developer)
• 10 years of experience as an independent business coach and leadership trainer at Kon-Kiki
• more than 4000 hours of practical experience in coaching
• more than 300 days of training and specialization in the topics change coaching, leadership development and leadership coaching

I have a partnership with The Coaching Square (Aligned Partner) and I have an ICF-PCC certificate. At the bottom of this page you will find a complete list of my expertises and certificates.

A unique approach

I do not use my knowledge and experience in the traditional way. I prefer to combine various coaching and training techniques from a surprising and original approach. Because in this way you throw your fixed thinking patterns overboard and you can discover new possibilities from a broader perspective.
Nature is an important source of inspiration. Through my coaching trips and walking sessions you get moving both literally and figuratively.

Warmth and trust as a basis

The relationship between coach and trainee must be right. I therefore find confidence and warmth during my trajectories indispensable.
I work in a natural, spontaneous and warm way. That way you feel at ease very quickly. In fact, I am convinced that every individual has a unique talent, an asset that I respect and admire. And I would like to strengthen it. I enjoy working together to find ways that really suit you, to explore your values and convictions and to discover new possibilities with which you can achieve your goal (s).
And of course we work together in total confidence. You tell me things that even your best friends do not know. A strong mutual trust is therefore necessary. Only then will we reach the essence and you will achieve your goals faster.

************************************************** ************************
The complete list of training courses and certificates
Human-oriented expertise and certificates
• Professional Certified Coach (ICF / The Coaching Square)
• Psycho-energetic Master Coach (Epeca)
• Master in nlp (Sofia Netherlands)
• CIGO: Consultancy in Groups and Organizations (KUL - UH)
• Appreciative Inquiry (Cleveland Ohio University)
• Facilitator Strategic Large Groups Interventions (Real time Strategic Change)
• Leadership & Change Management (Zenger Miller)
• Team coaching (The Coaching Square)

• Organisatieopstellingen (Kernkracht)
• Insights Practitioner (Insights Benelux)
• Nonviolent communication (Gemma)
• Naturecoaching (Wandelcoach Nederland)

Process related and technical qualifications
• Civil Engineer (KUL)
• Facilitator Continuous Improvement
• Total Quality Management and Kaizen
• Business Process Redesign
• Project Management
• Service Management (Vlerick in Company)
• Human Resource management (IPO)


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Give yourself a beautiful present: the active and inspiring coaching journey from Kon-Kiki to Nepal.

Register now or send an email to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. or call 00 32 498 51 73 65. Any questions? Let me know.

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